Sue Berce is an abstract artist living in Wisconsin. Her self-taught work began after the death of her husband and chemotherapy for cancer.
She “sculpts” the canvas with newspaper and gesso to create depth. Many layers of colors and wipes go into creating these one-of-a-kind originals. An intuitive painter, blasting old rock and roll, she gets into her “zone” and lets emotional release take her away.
Sue won third place in the abstract category in Artist Magazine for 2013!
The winning piece “Who is Winking At You? ” and short bio will appear in the magazine in December 2013.

Sue Berce

Sue was born in Milwaukee in the fabulous fifties, when kids played outside all day, moms cleaned the house, covered furniture in plastic and yelled “dinner’s ready” to allow us back in the house. School included Catholic nuns who smacked kids when behavior was unacceptable, a Mother Superior who didn’t laugh when Sue put on Groucho glasses during First Communion and uniforms of plaid that looked bad on everyone.

Artist co-op at San Remy Gallery
(Marshall building in the Third Ward)
National Association of Professional Women
Grafton High School and J.F.K. Prep School rounded out the early learning background. The prep school was located in St. Nazianz, Wisconsin. It was a leadership training school, non-graded which meant a syllabus for four years was provided for each subject and students worked at their own pace. There were no letter grades, but long evaluations provided by each teacher, assessing skills within subjects. This experience lead Sue into a career in education, first teaching then administration. Alverno College, now University, was the under-grad program and Marquette the Masters administration program.
Sue Berce started painting in 2011 after a series of tragedies, losses and cancer. The effects of the death of her husband, sister, multiple surgeries and cancer led to an overwhelming need to express emotions, both sad and joyful. The resulting work was varied, realistic at first, leading to the current abstracts in oil, newspaper and gessoe.
A self-taught artist, docent at the Milwaukee Art Museum (MAM), mother, grand-mother, Sue is full of life and expresses it in colorful interesting oils. Her work hangs in many homes, offices in MAM, the West Bend Art Museum and at Froedtert Hospital’s Cancer Center. The paintings require “watching” to find the many hidden images and layers. [slideshow_deploy id=’1943′]Those interested in purchasing may respond through this site or use Sue’s e-mail address. sueberce@gmail.com